Padres win Juan Soto and the trade deadline.

Like Alex Rodriguez's time with the Rangers, Juan Soto's time with the Nationals will be discussed. No matter what team they play for, a talent who has been with them for a long time is deserving of the Most Valuable Player award. As those moments get further into the past, they become more like a dream. Is it possible that that actually happened?

There are different things. Washington won the World Series despite Texas not making the playoffs. Rodriguez spent time in the Dallas Metroplex and the nation's capital before moving to Seattle and the Yankees. A- Rodriguez was 28 when he was dealt to the Bronx. One of baseball's prodigies-turned-superstars course-corrected his future in hopes of more long-term relevancy as the biggest prize of Major League Baseball's trade deadline headed to San DIEGO from D.C.

The Nationals won't receive the Herschel Walker-Vikings 1989 firesale in return for the departure of catchers Josh Bell and Juan Rivera. With Eric Hosmer out of the deal for refusing to waive his no-trade clause, the Nats will pick up pitchers MacKenzie Gore and Jarlin Susana and outfielders Robert Hassell III and James Wood.

It is the first time in the history of the league that a player under the age of 23 has changed teams mid-year. Even though he was the first person to rent a car in America, the Dominican has a busy resume. He is the youngest player to win a batting title in the National League and is a two-time Silver Slugger winner.

Washington's farm system jumped from 24th to 8th with the help of San Diego. The Nats would be in the top five if Gore was included. The Padres will play a three-game series against the Nationals in Washington next weekend, and it will be a quick return to the place of his birth. The Yankees, Rangers, andCardinals were frequently mentioned as landing spots.

The 3-4-5 batting order in San Diego is no pitcher's idea of a good order. Josh Hader was acquired by the Padres from the Brewers. San Diego is going all-in on a World Series this year as it will be hard to keep the team's core together for long with a lot of big contracts. The contract from Washington was rejected by Soto.