Brissett embracing 'next man up' mentality for Browns (0:31)

He has become used to being the next man up for the ClevelandBrowns. There is a 0:31

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The experience of being a backup quarterback has prepared him for the situation in Cleveland, where he's in line to take over for Deshaun Watson.

It's been my situation throughout my career. I'm not familiar with anything. Whenever my number is called, I've always been ready to leave.

The league's personal conduct policy states that a person can be suspended for six games if they are accused of sexual harassment. The league and the players association have a day left. The written appeal will be filed Thursday.

The union made it clear that it will stand by her decision and urged the league to do the same. The league said in a statement that it was making a decision.

Once the appeals process is over, the coach said that he'd speak to reporters.

Last week, Stefanski said that Brissett would be Cleveland's starting quarterback if he was suspended.

Early in the season, Brissett filled in at the starting quarterback.

After Tom Brady was suspended for "Deflategate" and Jimmy Garoppolo was injured, he had to step in as a rookies. After Andrew Luck's retirement, Brissett became the starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. Tua Tagovailoa was injured in Week 2 of the Miami Dolphins' season.

Brissett has 37 starts with a record of 14-23.

It's been the next man up since I've been in this league. You gotta be ready whenever your number is called and that experience helps with that.

Robinson's ruling will clear the way for Brissett to get more work with the first team, since he has received the majority of first-team snaps.

Those are the guys that will be with us and that's very important. We have a plan and we believe in it. We are going to plan the right way.

He said that he wasn't going to read Robinson's report and that he didn't know anything about the suspension.

"I don't want to be involved in Deshaun's business," he said, "and I feel that is his business."