Premiere Of A24's ″Everything Everywhere All At Once″ - Arrivals

The premiere of " Everything Everywhere All At Once" was held at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on March 23, 2022. The photo was taken by Jerod Harris of FilmMagic.


The producers of Everything, Everywhere All At Once have signed a five-year deal with Universal. It is hoped that the follow-up to Everything, Everywhere All At Once will be a new-to-you adaptation. Donna Langley has been able to procure marquee talent thanks to the Daniels going exclusively with Universal.

Jordan Peele, M. Night Shyamalan, and Michael Bay are Universal's newest additions. While I have mixed feelings about how and why Chris Nolan left Warner Bros., the next Nolan joint, Oppenheimer, will be one of Universal's big summer-of-2023 theatricals.

The studio is making a public effort to establish itself as a haven for marquee filmmakers who want to make mid-budget studio programmers without worrying about boosting a given franchise-specific intellectual property. It wasn't winning the streaming wars, but it was the center of the universe. No legacy revenue streams or brands have been set ablaze by the company.

Bullet Train, Where the Crawdads Sing and The Woman King are just a few of the movies that can be made with Sony's first- tv pay window deal. I am hopeful that David Zsaslov can revive Warner Bros.' pre-Project Popcorn reputation. They can still be a studio that releases more than just comic book movies.

Universal and Focus have been regular suppliers of big and small theatrical films even with the window-breaking announcement. The Croods: A New Age and News of the World were two of the big releases of the last months of 2020. The torch was passed to Warner Bros. in early 2021. There are two games, Kong and Mortal Kombat.

AT&T gave fresh HBO Max content, as well as a testing of its own plan. When everyone was holding their breath, movies were movies. The star-driven, adult-skewing, non-franchise theatricals, like Bay's Ambulance, that have become such a commercial risk in the last six years, have been justified by the popularity of the Peacock channel.

It doesn't mean Robert Eggers will get another $70 million for The Northman and the Big Balloon Adventure, but maybe something like Graham Moore's The Outfit needs not be an entirely for-the-love of-the-game theatrical release. When the dust clears over the last two years, the studios may be what they were before, because the audience interest may not have changed.

Donna Langley said that Daniels are creators who have evolved their craft with a distinct vision and singular voice that is unmistakable across the spectrum of content vying for viewer's attention. With only two original projects under their belt, they have just scratched the surface of what they are capable of as filmmakers. They chose to join us on our journey.

We are flattered and a bit overwhelmed. Daniels thanked the Universal team for believing in him and his weird movies. We are going to try to not let you down.