Jon Snow leads his men on a boat.

Game of thrones is getting its own convention in partnership with Creation Entertainment to bring fans more into the world of Westeros as a new era of Game of thrones is set to begin with House of the dragon on hbo

Kit Harington is expected to headline the cast reunion if the Jon Snow spin-off happens. He is the ninth member of the cast of Theon Greyjoy, along with Jack Gleeson, Kristofer Hibanevju, and Daniel Portman.

The assembled actors will be featured in panels and discussions about the making of the show. A talk about his love for a big woman, a cook-off judged by Joffrey, and a dance party DJ with fan favorite Kristian Nairn, last seen saying more than just "Hodor" on another HBO show: Our Flag, would be a good idea. Hopefully we will see more diverse cast additions as the announcement mentions more to be revealed. We would love to know more about the warrior women of Dorne and how they use mental warfare. There will be opportunities for autographs and pictures.

You would expect the slogan to be the same.

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The game of thrones official fan convention will be held in the winter at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Tickets are on sale now for the House of the Dragon, which will be hosted by two people from The Official Game ofThronesPodcast.

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