Ring's video doorbells are useful. Ring products don't always work well with non-Ring products, and that's because Ring products only work with Amazon's voice assistant. You might want to consider video doorbells from companies like Eufy. Some of our favorites are listed.

Eufy Video Doorbell official lifestyle

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Eufy devices are well-made, priced reasonably, and offer a lot for the price, which is why we like them. You get a top-level video doorbell with this product, but you also get a doorbell chime, which is often an additional charge of $30 or more from other providers. The price of the Eufy Video Doorbell has been brought down to $100 thanks to a "clickable" coupon from Amazon. That's a good deal.

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The device has a 2K video recorder, two-way audio, and the ability to view up to three seconds of footage before the initial alert. What's the best of all? You don't have to worry about your data's safety online or in the wrong hands if you use it.

Hello there neighbor

Google Nest Hello

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The Nest Hello Video Doorbell is the best choice for homeowners who are all-in on the products. It has a video doorbell with HD video, night vision, and a 160 degree field of view, but that's not what makes it unique.


You can be sure that some software smarts are included. You can be notified when a package is delivered. It can recognize family members and familiar faces, and it allows you to pre-record quick responses. The Aware cloud storage service features 128-bit Encryption and two-step verification. You want to make sure your videos are safe when uploading them to the cloud.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Video Doorbell

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Some of the most compelling and most affordable smart home security devices are made by TP-Link, a brand that makes some of the best wi-fi routers on the market. One of our go-to recommendations is the company's video doorbell.

It has an expansive field of view, up to fifteen feet of night vision, and a feature-rich app that allows for scheduling notifications. You can plug the ringer into any outlet in your home so you won't miss anyone.

The video doorbell has water and dust resistance as well as night vision. There are a lot of storage options, with a microSD card slot that can hold 128 gigabytes of storage.

Deep and wide

Arlo Video Doorbell

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Arlo offers some of the best security cameras on the market that are often at the top of our list because they offer good value, tons of storage options, and quality specifications. The video doorbell is the same as every other one.

This camera has a wide 180 degree field of view and can zoom in up to 12x to see who you are looking at. The aspect ratio on the footage is1:1, so you get to see more than you would in a traditional, letterboxed viewfinder. You're not going to miss a thing with this camera.

It's nice to see the built-in night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio that are here as well. The video doorbell is weather resistant and has a nifty feature that lets you send emergency services directly to your home from the app. The first three months of the Arlo Smart cloud service are free, and you can record up to 30 days of video.

Simply, safe

Simplisafe Pro Video Doorbell Lifestyle

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The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro is a great device and a great value, which is why it has been a favorite of critics and reviewers. It's easy to get up and running and work with the SimpliSafe home security system.

A person's shape is one of the things that the doorbell can detect. It has a wide-angle view and can record in clear night time.

The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro is an excellent addition to any home security system.

Coming full-circle

Skybell HD Video Doorbell

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You probably want your smart video doorbell to stand out because everyone on your street has one. It's possible that you want something with a more traditional look that can fit in any entryway. If that sounds like you, you should check out the SkyBell HD video doorbell.

The device has a 180 degree field of view and five times zoom. Even at night, it can record video. Two-way audio, on-demand viewing, motion sensors, and the ability to grant access to multiple users or guests are all included in the package. It's price may be the most compelling feature. One of the cheapest video doorbells we've seen is the SkyBell, which has seven days of video recordings for free.

A Wyze choice

Wyze Video Doorbell Lifestyle

Source: https://www.androidcentral.com/best-ring-doorbells (Image credit: Source: https://www.androidcentral.com/best-ring-doorbells)

Over the past year or so, upstart Wyze has dipped its toes into a number of product categories. If there is a connected home device you're looking for, chances are Wyze has it.

The Wyze Video Doorbell can output HD quality video at a 3:4 aspect ratio, which means that you can see more of what or who is at your door. It has motion detection and smart alert. It's weather resistant, so you don't have to worry about the elements if your porch is exposed, and it has a free chime.

Wyze has a Cam Plus monitoring plan that will send you real-time alert and store full-length videos in the cloud for a monthly fee.

It's back to the top.

There are many great smart doorbells to choose from if you are looking for an alternative to Ring video doorbells. The Eufy Video Doorbell offers many of the same features for around the same price but adds extras like an included doorbell chime and built-in on-device storage. It works with both of them.

The Nest Hello Video Doorbell is one of the best options for those in the Google community. The Nest Hello has a lot of smart features.

Are you concerned about spending a lot of money? One of the most affordable video doorbells you can find is the Kasa Smart Video Doorbell, and you will not be able to find a cheaper option than the Wyze Video Doorbell.