The Sonos Ray was launched in June and is compatible with Apple TV and HomeKit. MacRumors readers will be given an idea of how it works and whether it's worth the price.

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The small size of the Ray makes it ideal for smaller spaces and smaller entertainment setup. It's sleek and blends well into the décor, and it looks a lot like the Sonos Beam.

There are touch controls at the top and other ports at the back. If you have a remote that doesn't support IR, you might not want to pick up the Ray as it won't be compatible due to the optical audio port. Most people will not be affected, as most remotes support IR.

Even on its own, the sound quality is impressive, even if you need more audio output than what the Ray gives. The sound is solid even though the form factor is small, and it beats out TV speakers. Four Class-D digital amplifications, two high-efficiency midwoofers, and a built-in bass reflex system are included in the Ray.

HomeKit integration makes it possible for the Ray to pair with HomeKit-enabled products and speakers, and it is also possible to control and adjust it through the Home app.