Nothing phone (1) vs. Google Pixel 6a

(Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)
  • The Nothing phone (1) withstands concerted bending in this durability test.
  • It sustained scratches all over, but the body remained intact despite heavy beating.
  • The phone's front and back panels are protected by a Gorilla Glass 5, with an aluminum frame to boot.

The Nothing phone was subjected to aDurability test by JerryRig Everything, who put the device through its paces to see how well it handles heavy beating.

Nelson used a metal razor blade to scratch the phone's aluminum frame and front panel. There needs to be a screen cover on the device.

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The Nothing phone did poorly in the scratch test. There were scratches on the screen at level 6 on the scale and deeper grooves at level 7. The screen is protected by a glass that is resistant to sharp objects.

The Nothing phone was bent to see how it could resist. Some snapped glass or slightly bent metal can be found in most devices. The test was done on the flagship of the company.


Nothing's mid-range device did not fail the bend test. There were no signs that the lights on the back were malfunctioning. You could hear small noises inside when Nelson tried to break the device.

There are a number of factors that might have contributed to the phone's long life. The panels on its back are made of glass. The frame is made of aluminum.

It's impressive to see the Nothing phone stay in one piece after being battered. One of the best cases for the Nothing phone is available.