Remembering Bill Russell Getty

One of the greatest and most accomplished NBA players of all time has passed away.

The announcement came from the official social media page of Bill. BR died peacefully with his wife by his side, according to the text. His death wasn't discussed further.

Bill listed his many accomplishments from his high school days. He had won two state titles, two NCAA titles, a gold medal in the Olympics, as well as 11 NBA titles with the Boston Celtics.

He was a civil rights activist during his playing time, with boycotts of certain events and public remarks that spoke out against racism and discrimination in the U.S.

The current NBA Finals Most Valuable Player award is named after Bill, something that was instituted in 2009.

He was a player and a coach in the basketball hall of fame. During a time of segregation in the country, when he broke into the NBA, it was just being expanded as an organization and getting integrated with black and white players alike.

Bill has an enormous amount of NBA honors, including several All-Star appearances, NBA First- Team mentions, lifetime achievement awards and on and on. He was a player for 3 decades.

Right now, the tributes are pouring in. Everyone in the league was fond of Bill Russell. He was very visible in the community of basketball players.

The family is making arrangements for his funeral. Bill is survived by his family. He passed away at the age of88.

I am sad.