A turtle that was rescued by the Taronga Zoo pooped plastic for 6 days.

Sarah Male, the veterinary nurse at the Zoo, explained in a video that the turtle was rescued from a beach with a back flipper.

Rescued turtle who pooped plastic for six days
Rescued turtle who pooped plastic for six days
Taronga Zoo

He defecated for six days. She said that no feces came out.

She said that he had passed all the plastic in his system because of luck.

Most injuries they see are caused by fishing line ingestion.

—Taronga Zoo (@tarongazoo) July 28, 2022

Over 80 marine turtles are released every year at the hospital.

Since they opened in the 70s, they have released over 50,000 animals back into the wild.

According to the WWF, the amount of plastic in the world's oceans is projected to outweigh the amount of fish by mid-century.

Half of marine turtles have eaten plastic, according to the WWF.

In 2020, Amazon dumped 23.5 million pounds of plastic into the ocean, according to a report by Oceana.

The Ocean Cleanup was founded at the end of the year.

64,000 pounds of trash was brought back by their two-and-a-half month mission.