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Jeff and Mike disagreed on who was under more pressure. There is a time and a place for this.

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The cart is a term used to describe a cart. The clapping is for the injured.

Nick Gates was not interested in it. He didn't need it before the Washington game last season.

Not until he heard his left leg crack and pop as he lay on the grass at FedEx Field. The leg bones were broken. There would be seven surgeries and a rehabilitation that is still in progress.

The replay of Gates' leg getting caught under Payne was not shown by the NFL Network. Gates was taken off the field smiling and waving to signify that he was ok after the Giants' training staff and doctors took care of his leg.

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I will be fine. Billy Price remembers Gates saying he was good. Go kick some ass!

Unless you know Gates, it was a weird reaction.

Gates told his mother and brother that he was fine after he was taken off the field. My leg was broken. It broke in two. I'll be fine.

Gates was smiling while his mom was hysterical and his brother was crying for the first time that Nick remembers. As he prepared to go to Virginia's Inova Fairfax Hospital with his leg and career in jeopardy, Gates gave reassurance to his family that he was okay.

He was telling his mom that he was fine. I'm okay. Sonya said to stop weeping. He told his brother that he was good. I'm doing well.

He could feel the bones in his leg rubbing together as he was being taken to the hospital.

He asked the driver if he was attempting to hit every hole.

It was this way for most of the early days of his recovery. Gates started all 16 games in 2020 and started three games in 2019. He spent most of that time with his leg elevated and his mom by his side.

Giants offensive lineman Nick Gates broke the tibia and fibula in his left leg in Week 2 last season when it was caught underneath Washington defensive lineman Daron Payne. Photo courtesy of Nick Gates

He thought about losing his leg. Doctors had to clean out the bone after removing the rod from the patient. It's not clear when Gates will return to the field or how effective he will be.

The coach said that the man has been rehabbing. He has made a lot of progress. I can't say where he's at and when he's ready.

Gates was put on the physically unable to perform list this week, but he is still positive.

I don't know what negative things about this do for me. I don't know how I'm going to feel. Gates talked about all the ugly details in a 45 minute interview with the sports network. I won't be down in the dumps. There is no use for that.

'He never complained once'

Gates' approach has been inspiring and perfect on his brand according to those who know him best.

The guy looked at his leg. Jon Perzley of Sportstars said that his client had multiple surgeries. It's just Nick.

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Gates said his leg broke in the best way possible. It's right in the middle.

Gates was described as the toughest dude on Earth by Perzley the week after the injury.

Sonya said thatNicholas is very tough. Three times in his life, he has told me something hurts. I need to pay attention to what he says.

At 6 years old, he broke his hand. He underwent surgery and had screws put in his hand. He had an appendix when he was in the hospital. When Gates' leg swelled too much, he needed a procedure called a fasciotomy. He was told by doctors that he could lose his leg if it got too big.

Gates cried while waiting for his doctor.

He said that losing his leg was a factor. I asked if I should be concerned about it.

I don't think so. The doctor said that he was good.

Gates said that he calmed down after that.

Always an underdog

Doctors wanted Gates to take a few steps the day after his surgery. It was like giving a driver a green light. There are a few steps. He uploaded a video of himself on the hospital floor.

Two days after snapping his leg and one day after surgery, Giants OL Nick Gates was back up and walking. Beast! 💪💪

🎥 nick_gates68 on IG

— Jordan Raanan (@JordanRaanan) September 19, 2021

Gates is a tough guy in a sport that has many of them. He once started a scrum with the Los Angeles Rams' defensive tackle, and he always seems to be involved in pushing after a play or the first to defend his quarterback.

He has been a team captain for the Giants because of that attitude he has had from the beginning. Gates will be there for his teammates this fall, even though he regrets not being there for most of the season.

He asked his doctor if he would make it back onto that field. Sonya spoke. They all told him he would.

Gates started running in the spring and is regaining strength in his legs. There are many hurdles that need to be cleared. There is a difference between being able to jog and anchor to stop a tackle and being stable.

Gates views his situation as a career obstacle, even though there might be doubters who think he is just putting on a happy face.

He said that he's always been the one who's been underestimated. They didn't expect me to win the job. I was hired in college. They didn't expect me to be anything. I became a thing. I was in charge of the team. That is cool. I captained the New York Giants during my time in the National Football League. It's not much better than that.

He might not make it all the way back.

He said it would be weird if it hurt him. I haven't had a job.

Gates will be given time by the Giants. The challenge Gates faces is what led them to sign Jon Feliciano from the Bills.

The first-year GM was concerned about Gates' quality of life when he arrived. He may be able to play in the preseason because he's where he is. The kid got the credit. He has been buffing his butt.

It will be special when Gates comes back because of the severity of the injury and the speed bumps he has hit.

Sonya said that he would be back. There is no doubt in his mind. When he steps on the field, it will be an amazing day.

He had a smile on his face while he was being carted off.