More than 100 days have passed since Donald J. Trump was interviewed.

The network, which is owned by Murdoch, often ignores Mr. Trump in favor of showcasing other Republicans.

According to two people who have spoken to the former president, Fox ignoring him is worse than running stories and commentary that he complains are too negative. He used to be at the center of the news cycle, but that is no longer the case.

Fox News didn't show Mr. Trump's rally in Arizona because it was the same approach it has taken for almost all of his rallies this year. The network did not air Laura Ingraham's interview with Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. It was the first of two prime-time interviews Fox aired with Mr. DeSantis, the second being on Tucker Carlson's show.

Fox did not air Mr. Trump's speech live this week. After he spoke, it showed a few clips. On the same day, it broadcasted a speech by the former vice president.

One person who spoke to Mr. Trump said that he had complained to his aides that Sean Hannity didn't seem to be paying attention anymore.

ImageFox News chose to air live a 17-minute speech that Mike Pence gave this week.
Fox News chose to air live a 17-minute speech that Mike Pence gave this week.Credit...Nathan Howard/Getty Images
Fox News chose to air live a 17-minute speech that Mike Pence gave this week.

Several people close to Mr. Murdoch who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the company's operations said the snubs were not coincidental. The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal were both owned by Murdoch.

According to two people with knowledge of the thinking of Mr. Murdoch and his son, the company's highest levels are skeptical of the former president. The Murdochs have been told by Republicans in Washington that Mr. Trump could hurt the party in upcoming elections.

According to two people familiar with those conversations, the Murdochs are uncomfortable with Mr. Trump because he refused to accept his election loss.

The Murdochs were adamant that Fox News made the right call when it projected that Joseph R. Biden would win Arizona just after 11 p.m. Fox had the courage and science to do something after other networks concluded that Mr. Trump had lost the state.

Fox's approach to Mr. Trump may be temporary. If Mr. Trump decides to run for president or is indicted, he will be covered more.

A spokesman for Mr. McConnell wouldn't say anything. A spokeswoman for Mr. Trump also declined to comment.

There have been ups and downs in the relationship between Mr. Trump and Murdoch.

The spat between the former president and the media baron who has helped set the Republican Party's agenda for decades is occurring in a larger and more fragmented media landscape as new personality and platforms make it harder for any one outlet to change the narrative. The turn inside Fox is being seized on by Mr. Trump's allies in the corners of the conservative media that are more loyal to him.

Mr. Trump seems prepared to fight. He blasted "Fox & Friends" this week on his social media service, Truth Social, for being "terrible" and having gone to the "dark side" after one of its hosts mentioned that Mr. DeSantis had beat Mr. Trump. He blamed Paul Ryan, the former speaker of the House, with whom he clashed. Mr. Ryan is a director of the Fox Corporation.

The Post supported Mr. Trump in his time in office. When Mr. Trump refused to concede the election in 2020 it went against him.

Mr. Trump was given a weekly slot on "Fox & Friends" in 2011. The Tea Party movement was connected to Mr. Trump by his attacks on establishment Republicans like Mr. Ryan.

Mr. Ailes and Mr. Murdoch didn't think of Mr. Trump as a serious candidate. Mr. Ailes believed that Mr. Trump was trying to get a better deal with NBC.

As Mr. Trump became bigger than any one news outlet, he was able to rally his supporters against Fox or any other outlet he felt was too critical of him. He used social media to attack Fox personalities.

In its news coverage, the network could always criticize him. In interviews with voters or in opinion articles for other Murdoch properties the skepticism comes through louder.

Baier said that the congressional investigation had made Mr. Trump look terrible by showing how long it had taken for him to speak out about the riot. A recent segment on Fox featured interviews with Trump supporters who were overwhelmingly unenthusiastic about a third campaign, saying that he was a little too polarizing. They had their say on who should replace him. They named him Mr.

"I spent 11 years at Fox, and I know nothing pretaped hits a Fox screen that hasn't been signed off on and sanctioned at the very top levels of management." It has to do with a presidential election

Fox News is still Fox News. In recent weeks, viewers have seen occasionally critical coverage of Mr. Trump but, unlike other news networks, Fox has chosen to air its own prime time programming. The author is an MSNBC contributor. They say the hearings are a show trial.

Mr. Carlson said that they wouldn't help them do it. We want to tell you the truth.

The network has aired the hearings during the day when fewer people are watching. During the daytime and early evening, violent crime can be seen in Democratic-run cities. The headline on the screen read "Biden Denies Recession as U.S. Enters Recession" as the government announced that a key indicator of economic health declined last quarter.

ImageMr. Trump with Sean Hannity in 2018.
Mr. Trump with Sean Hannity in 2018.Credit...Doug Mills/The New York Times
Mr. Trump with Sean Hannity in 2018.

On April 13, Mr. Trump ran through a list of crises he claimed would not happen had he been elected.

Since then, he hasn't been interviewed by the network.