The Food and Drug Administration warned the public about the dangers of puberty blockers after six children experienced serious symptoms. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone substances are known as puberty blockers.

The females all suffered from symptoms of "pseudotumor cerebri", which were tumors-like mass in the brain.

The director of the Center for Family Studies at the Family Research Council told The Washington Stand that they would continue to see more bad reports. Our bodies were not created for that. The campaign to push these drugs on children won't have a good outcome.

According to Bauwens, the medical establishment has suppressed information regarding the harmful effects of puberty blockers.

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The Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine was not allowed to exhibit at the annual conference of the American Academy of Pediatrics last year due to its refusal to explain why it was rejected.

80% of American Academy of Pediatrics members supported a resolution calling for more debate and discussion of the risks, benefits, and uncertainties inherent in the practice of medically transitioning minor

According to Genspect, a group that supports an evidence-based approach to gender distress, the American Academy of Pediatrics suppressed support for a similar resolution.

There is a point when the FDA have to act. We already have studies showing the negative effects of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, but "any time we see more evidence and more publicity on the damage that these drugs do to kids, it's useful."

Good science is on our side. The truth is with us. When given the chance, those things prevail.

The FDA's warning for puberty blockers is good news, but Bauwens doesn't believe it's the end of the debate.

She said that the medical side will change faster than the psychological side. Solid data is hard to ignore in the medical side of the business. The psychological side is more abstract and has more to do with mistaken notions of identity that led to the trans movement.

Bauwens said that the FDA's warning shows that it's "very disingenuous for someone like Rachel Levine to say, 'This is life-saving medical care.'" It isn't safe.

Levine stated last month that gender-affirming care is a critical tool for health care providers.

Levine's rhetoric is not true according to Bauwens.

It was published by The Washington stand.

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