The engine of a Delta Air Lines plane caught fire after it was forced to reject takeoff because of a bird strike. The incident took place on July 26.

A plane with over 200 people on board was speeding for takeoff from Denver's runway 08 and was headed to Atlanta. An engine fire was caused by a bird that was eaten by the left- hand engine.

According to the Avherald, the pilots aborted the takeoff at high speed and then turned around and flew away from the runway. The A321 blew the main gear tires and was towed to the apron.

Eye witnesses said that they saw smoke and flames coming from the plane. A passenger took a picture of the engine fire.

The passengers and crew on board evacuated the aircraft without using the slides after the engine caught fire. The passengers made it to Atlanta in another plane.

The FAA stated that the aircraft was damaged and that it was an accident.

Delta Boeing 737 Disabled on Runway at LAX

On 19th July, a Delta Boeing 737 lost two of its right-hand main tyres as it was about to land in Los Angeles. The aircraft became disabled after it lost both of its main tires.

There were 190 passengers and crew on the flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles. The passengers said they heard a loud bang when the main tires burst.

DL0515 after a nearly one hour delay due to weather at ATL landed at approximately 1:11 at LAX and passengers were told they had a flat tire. Buses arrived to deplane passengers. No injuries, thank God. πŸ™πŸ½ @delta #DELTA

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After a few hours, the runway at Los Angeles International Airport was reopened. Passengers disembarked the plane on the runway and were taken to the terminal.

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Emirates A380 Landed in Brisbane with Gear Damage and a Large Hole

There was a large hole in the left wing of the A380 when it arrived at the airport. There was a large hole when the A380-800 was in the air.

It was in the A380.

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