A new Washington Post/Schar School poll shows that Americans who support abortion rights are less likely to vote in the November elections.

Abortion rights protest sign saying ″roe, roe, roe the vote″

Activists are protesting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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According to the poll, Americans who think the Supreme Court made a major loss for women's rights are less likely to vote in the election.

When it comes to voting, Americans who support abortion being legal are less likely to cast a ballot than those who don't.

The Post reports that Republicans are more likely to vote than Democrats, and that Democratic women under 40 are more likely to not vote.

The majority of respondents are in favor of abortion rights, with many saying the ruling represents a major loss for women, and many saying they would be satisfied if their state made abortion legal in all cases.

34% of respondents said Democrats are doing a better job handling abortion than Republicans are, but only 26% thought Republican politicians were better suited to handle the issue.

A CNN/SSRS poll conducted July 22-24 found that a majority of those who disapprove of the Supreme Court's decision think pro- abortion rights politicians aren't doing enough to ensure abortion access.

There was a significant increase in the number of people. Of the respondents who said they were certain to vote, 18% said they would likely vote.

Surprising Fact

According to the Supreme Court, abortion is one of the most important issues in determining their vote, with 31% saying it is one of the most important issues. 34% of Americans said abortion is one of their most important issues, compared to 22% who said crime and 20% who said immigration.


A number of polls taken in the wake of the Supreme Court's ruling have found that it would motivate Americans to vote in November. A June All In Together/Emerson College poll found that 42% of voters think the decision makes them more interested in voting in November, up from 30% in September 2021. According to a CBS News/YouGov poll, 50% of Democrats were more likely to vote because of the ruling, while 20% of Republicans were less likely to do so.

Key Background

The Supreme Court's decision to overturn abortion rights was expected to help inspire more Americans to vote. President Joe Biden has emphasized the need for people to vote in November even as he has taken executive actions to try and help blunt the effects of the court's ruling. In addition to state-level races that could help shape state policies on abortion, Democrats are hoping to keep control of the House and pick up two additional Senate seats in order to pass a federal law codifying abortion rights. A recent CNN poll found 75% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters don't want the president to be the party's nominee in 2024, as many on the left have soured on Biden's Presidency.

The Washington Post found that Americans are less sure about voting after the end of abortion.

Biden says voting is the only way to fix the abortion ruling.

Biden issues an abortion executive order, but doubles down on get out the vote message.

According to a CNN poll, two-thirds of Americans don't like the idea of changing the abortion law.