Brady over Rodgers! Did Madden get their QB ratings right? (2:14)

They debated if Tom Brady deserved the top Madden QB rating. There are two words in this sentence: (2:14).

10:42 PM ET

Do you have a problem with the ratings in the game? There is a place where you can complain about things other than social media.

The company launched a ratings hotline on Thursday, where fans, players of the game and, theoretically, actual NFL players could call to complain or make other comments about the Madden ratings.

There's a chance that feedback could affect a player's rating if their arguments are valid and proven.

The hotline had received 1,000 calls in its first day of operation, according to Emma Waldren, an employee in the content strategy and partnerships division.

Madden NFL 23 had four players with a 99 rating or higher, the highest rating in the game. The Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman was a member of the 99 Club for the sixth year in a row and was joined by other players.

Tom Brady had the highest rating of any quarterback in the game with a 97.