The chances of passengers' bags making it to their destinations are very slim, according to a baggage handler.

The situation at one of Europe's busiest airports was a mess according to the handler. They said the disruptions made them afraid to go somewhere.

The baggage handler had been based at the airport for more than a decade, according to the radio station. The handler said this summer's travel chaos was the worst they had ever seen.

They said they were scared to go on holiday. The chances of your bag making it are very slim.

Staffing issues, low investment, and old technology are what the baggage handler said caused the issues. Some baggage sorting systems in the UK are over 40 years old.

They said there wasn't enough baggage belts for the flights. When a flight arrives, you could be waiting for half an hour. It will get worse within half an hour.

They told the BBC that walking out and seeing all the passengers was disappointing.

Insider was told by a London Heathrow spokesman that they aren't responsible for airline ground handler or air crew.

The main constraint on capacity at Heathrow is a lack of airline ground handler.

There has been no change in the number of airline ground handlers since January 2022, despite warnings from us.

The baggage system in T2 is old and we want to replace it as part of the next regulatory settlement with theCAA.