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Do you want to do marketing, but don't know where to begin?

After doing hundreds of campaigns, I will give you one piece of advice that increased my abilities as a marketer: get it done fast. It should be modified later. The philosophy is called "Marketing by Modification".

Everything is subjective in marketing. One customer will repel the other. You won't be able to please everyone, so you have to work hard on one project to get the result you want.

You can use data and create a modified version of your marketing campaign if you prioritize the speed of action. Use the months to campaign, learn and grow your business instead of creating a single campaign.

Here are some tips on how to maximize the benefits of MBM.

Every business leader should be aware of marketing truths.

Make sure your work is quick and not sloppy

Humans tend to over think and second guess their work. Our first instincts can sometimes be right. Try out some different marketing approaches. Getting your ideas out quickly is the goal, but it's only effective if the work is good. The MBM method is designed to operate with a sense of urgency and curiosity while not being afraid of flawed marketing. Don't be afraid to use the trial and error method because you don't want to waste time.

Don't confuse quality with perfection

It's important to remember that there will always be something wrong. It's understandable that you don't want to rush genius and make sure it's done well. Humans tend to get in our heads. We create, erase, recreate and repeat until we end up nowhere near the original idea we had in mind.

This is the end of the cycle. A new ideal is adaptation, instead of relying on the idea of perfect. The most popular products were not promoted. It takes a long time for marketing to happen. If you want to learn more about your business, take the chance to launch the campaign and learn from it.

There are five steps to create a marketing plan.

Budget a little, learn a lot

It's a great way to save money. By using small budgets for different campaigns, you learn how to market to different groups of customers. Women might not find marketing creatives attractive. People from New York might not be attracted to the creatives from Iowa. You can learn a lot about your audience with these small marketing campaigns.

The direction your company is taking is a booming success. Money spent on these marketing endeavors will never be wasted. What attracts one person will repel another. Even in surprising ways, you retain business with each strategy.

There are 10 marketing strategies to fuel your business growth.

Be proactive with the market, not reactive to it

Have you ever noticed a trend on the internet, and months later in the store, it's the same thing? Today's market is perfect for this situation. Products, preferences and the market are changing fast. When the movement dies, we tend to see outdated trends hitting mainstream platforms.

Companies are using reactive marketing. Be proactive for upcoming ones and not react to current trends. Stay on top of the trends. Spending months on a campaign that won't be relevant before it's even launched is not worth it.

Any action is better than not doing anything at all. You are losing time for feedback from your audience and time to adapt to their needs if you wait for a perfect idea. You are wasting time if you wait to get the vision you have in your head to come to fruition.

It's all about trial and error in marketing. We won't get it all right the first time. Fight the system instead of embracing it. The campaign can be launched, learned and modified. The best way to get as close to perfect as possible is by using it.

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