There was an update on Jul 28, 2022.

The U.K. defense ministry said on Thursday that the main invading force had been cut off from the city of Kherson.

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The Kakhovka Hydroelectric Station is a run of river power plant.

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In its daily update, the U.K. Ministry of Defense said that the counter attack by the Ukrainians in the region is gaining steam and has damaged at least three key bridges.

Russia's 49th Army, which is deployed along the western bank of the Dnipro, appears to be vulnerable according to the update.

The city of Kherson is both politically and symbolically important for both sides as it is the most significant Ukrainian city under Russian occupation outside the eastern-half of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian forces have been able to gain the upper hand in the counteroffensive thanks to the deployment of batteries of long range rocket artillery.

Russian reinforcements are expected to be sent to defend Kherson.

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The secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine said on Wednesday that the enemy was moving the maximum number of forces.

Big Number

A total of 285,000. The total population of Kherson was before Russia invaded Ukraine. Kherson is one of the most populous cities captured by the Russians.

In the early days of the invasion, Kherson was captured. Russia has been able to capture other larger cities like Mariupol and Luhansk, but Kherson did not experience the same level of fighting or destruction of infrastructure. The Kremlin used Kherson as a propaganda tool and carried fake social polls. Newborns in Kherson will be granted Russian citizenship as a result of administrators installed by Moscow. Kherson's Russian-installed officials are trying to push through a referendum that would formally accession to Russia.

What To Watch

As Ukrainian forces attempt a counter attack in the southern region of the country, the Russian military has launched a new wave of rocket strikes on major cities in the north of the country. Russia has not shied away from targeting major population centers in Ukranian and causing mass casualties over the past few months.

Kherson said that Ukraine was going to take the city.

Russia is imposing its rule in occupied Ukraine. The news is from the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Babies born in Kherson will get Russian citizenship. The New York Times is a daily newspaper in the United States.