Amazon reportedly told workers they could take unpaid time off if they felt uncomfortable coming into work.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, over two dozen Amazon workers claim the company didn't respond appropriately to racist death threats against Black workers, and retaliated against an employee who spoke out. According to reports, 26 workers have filed complaints with the EEOC.

According to the advocacy group Warehouse Workers for Justice, there were messages written on the walls of the bathroom. Employees were told that someone called the facility and made threats against Black workers.

It wasn’t just direct threats making workers uncomfortable

Workers say that more things made them feel hostile at work. The Anti-Defamation League considers the Confederate flag to be a hate symbol. Marcos Ceniceros, executive director of Warehouse Workers for Justice, told the Herald-News that there had been graffiti of swastikas and antisemitic messages.

According to warehouse workers for justice, after the threats, Amazon told employees that they could take voluntary time off. That isn't a real choice for workers who need the income. She told the Tribune that they had to choose between staying and making money or going home and being safe.

According to the Tribune, Davis accused Amazon of firing her after she threatened to take legal action if they didn't protect her. According to Richard Rocha, an Amazon spokesman, the company works hard to protect its employees from discrimination and to provide an environment where employees feel safe. Rocha did not respond to the outlet's requests for comment about Davis' accusations or why she was fired.

Amazon is accused of failing to stopracism at some of its facilities. According to reports, the company has paid out millions of dollars in settlements related to racial discrimination at the plant. The EEOC is looking into the company.