According to The Washington Post, John F. Kelly shoved Donald Trump's daughter in the White House.

Kelly denied the accusation in a statement to The Post.

I don't think I would ever shove a woman. Is it possible? Kelly told the newspaper that never happened. It wouldn't be intentional to do that. I never apologized to her for something I didn't do. I wouldn't forget that.

The outlet obtained early excerpts from "breaking history: a white house memoir" in which the former first son-in-law and presidential adviser describes Kelly as a bully.

He had just walked out of a meeting in the Oval Office. Ivanka passed him as she walked down the main hallway. She was unaware of his state of mind. Kelly pushed her away from the way. She wasn't hurt, but in his rage Kelly showed his true character.

According to the newspaper, Kelly visited Ivanka about an hour after the alleged push. The four-star Marine general offered an apology, which she accepted.

The chief of staff to the president's daughter, Julie Radford, was witness to Kelly's apology, according to a new book by the president's son-in-law.

An attorney for her didn't respond to Insider's request for comment, but her spokesman confirmed her husband's version of events in a statement to The Post. She said she remembered Kelly's apology.

When Kelly became Trump's chief of staff halfway through his first year in office, he immediately imposed order in the West Wing. Reports from the time show that Kelly left the administration in January 2019.

Kelly was critical of the couple after he left. He slammed Trump after he resigned.