An edit history has been added to the new iMessage editing feature. All of the edits will show up above the latest one when you tap on the "Edited" text that sits below the message. Only five edits can be made to a single message.

I sent a message to Mitchell Clark and then edited as many times as I could, so you can see what the new history looks like.

Hi, Mitchell!

If you have the edit history of a friend, any additional edits they make will be the primary one. Mitchell edited "No worries!" to a lighter gray when he said "okay I'm just editing this away."

I’m not sorry for spamming Mitchell.

There was an omission from Apple's original implementation of iMessage editing. Mitchell made a joke about changing malicious or mean messages after they were sent, but without a history. You wouldn't be able to see what was said in Apple's "Edited" note.

The length of time you have to unsend a message has been changed. Developers will be able to test out the Live ActivitiesAPI so they can make lock screen notifications. Live Activities won't be available in the initial public version ofiOS 16 that launches this fall, but Apple says they'll be coming in an update this year.