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"I never thought I'd be playing with Tom Brady in the same division as the other team," Jones said.

One of the few prizes that hasn't been won by the future Hall of Fame wide receiver who spent a decade with the Atlanta Falcons is a title.

Jones didn't think that was true. That's over. I am here right now. I'm not looking back. It's a chance for me to be a part of something special. Excited to get to work.

Jones' only Super Bowl appearance was in Super Bowl LI, and he acknowledged the irony of joining forces with Brady.

Jones said he wanted the best chance to win a ring.

We need to bring up old stuff. It was him who did it. It was him who did it. It's a big deal. It's incredible. I'm prepared to leave. It's all about accountability. I have to be accountable for everyone. I have to come to work despite all that. I have to finish it.

We have to put the work in, but you can say, 'Oh yeah, we got Mike, we got Tom,' but we have to put the work in. No one is going to give us anything. We have to come out here and work. It is all about that.

Brady contacted Jones after he was released by theTitans and expressed his desire for them to play together.

Jones asked Brady if he had space down there. They remained in contact.

I talked to him a lot. It wasn't about coming to a new place. We were just talking and feeling each other out. He joked about Brady's penchant for operating in secret and the fact that it was probably a tactic. I'm here right now.

He said that Tom was a great guy and that he wanted to play for him.

Jones said he is healthy and feels great. He emphasized he doesn't have anything to prove to anyone and isn't here to step on any toes.

The way Evans and Godwin have carried themselves off the field has been a big factor in Jones' decision to join the team.

Jones played in 10 regular-season games and one playoffs game with theTitans. His 434 receiving yards in the regular season were the lowest of his career, but he was hampered by a leg injury most of the year. In the divisional round of the playoffs, Jones had six catches for 62 yards.

I'm always happy for me. It is all about learning curves. Jones said that he learns through everything he goes through because he controls him. I keep my emotions in check. Everything is in my control. I don't allow anyone else to control who I am.

People might say that you weren't successful. I am aware of what success is for me. I don't want someone else to judge who he is. I had some things here and there. I always look straight ahead. The present is all that matters. Right now, I feel great. I have to remain that way. I don't need to be anyone else but who I am.

In an interview with the radio station, Jones said that he thought about playing with the Packers and the other teams, but decided against it. Jones wanted the best chance to win a title.

He's still a good football player. Gronk's catches need to be replaced. He will be put to use in the red zone, out in the open field. We can be more inventive in some of the things we do. We're glad to have him.