App developers will be able to create apps that are able to take advantage of the Live Activities feature in the ActivityKit version of Apple's mobile operating system that was released today.

Live Activities are notifications that stay up to date and allow you to keep an eye on what's happening right from the Lock Screen. If you're watching a sports game, for example, you can see the updated score on the Lock Screen, or if you're waiting for a ride, you can watch for your driver.

With the ActivityKit framework, you can start a Live Activity to share live updates from your app on the Lock Screen. For example, a sports app might allow the user to start a Live Activity for a live sports game. The Live Activity appears on the Lock Screen for the duration of the game and offers the latest updates about the game at a glance.

ActivityKit can be used to start, update, and end a live activity. Live Activities are not awidgets and use a different mechanism to receive updates, according to Apple.

Live Activities is not going to be available when the new operating system is released, but Apple is giving developers a head start on adding the experiences into their apps. Live Activities will be included in an update to the mobile operating system later in the year.

The Live Activities feature won't be available until the future.