Adventure is subjective according to them. It doesn't mean thrills and excitement, it means amazing food, amazing sights and meaningful connections. After years of staying at home, you want to travel because the company knows why.

Travel experts insist that you enjoy comfortable, clean and attractive hotels, a professional Tour Director, guided sightseeing of must-see sights, and seamless transportation that makes getting there half the fun. There are many reasons why you should join an adventure of a lifetime.

Over 50 years of experience and ‘wow’

The name of the travel company is known as Cosmos. Antonio Mantegazza, a local legend in Switzerland, bought a row boat in the 90s to transport tourists. Antonio would tell stories about the locals. Antonio's passion for travel led to the creation of the Globus family of brands.

More than half a century later, the travel company has figured out how to get around.

Global destinations

There are almost every place in between in Alaska and Australia. The tours turn wishes into holidays. The world can be explored in a different way. You can explore the countries of Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.

The best of Australia and New Zealand will be shown. If you want to learn more about the Mori history and local aquatic wildlife in New Zealand, you can take a tour of the underwater observatory. Whether you're looking for a holiday with meaning, or just an escape to someplace new, adventure has never been so close at Cosmos.

Affordable tours

The tours start atUSD 1,199 per person. There is plenty of free time for shopping or visiting museums, as well as free wi-fi and a friendly Tour Director, when you go on a Cosmos tour.

This tour will take tourists to the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary in 9 days. Travelers will be able to visit the charming cities in Central Europe on the tour. Local guides will show you the history and secrets of their cities, so join them for a tour. The Charles Bridge in Prague and the quaint streets of the town centre in Salzburg are some of the best places to visit.

“Better-than-I-dreamed” list of experiences

It believes that no two travellers are the same, so it offers a wide range of experiences that fit your sense of adventure. Pick and choose from a variety of experiences that will help you tick off items from your bucket list.

You are not like a sheep being herded but an adventurer. Adventure is not going away. You can answer the door.

You can book a scorpion tour now.