(AP) _ The winning numbers in Saturday evening's drawing of the Wisconsin Lottery's "5 Card Cash" game were: Donald Trump wants to decertify the victory of Joe Biden in Wisconsin.

One of the loudest advocates in the battleground state is a Republican state lawmaker who is running for governor. He hopes to submit a resolution in August claiming that there was widespread fraud in the election. He doesn't want to ruin the victories of anyone else in 2020.

Republican attorneys say there is no legal way to decertify the election.

Many Republicans in Wisconsin and other places still support decertification. There is a look at what is happening.

That's right.

Is it possible that something is wrong?

Even though dozens of lawsuits have failed and multiple reviews, recounts and audits have upheld Biden's win, Trump continues to make baseless claims.

Trump is trying to reverse his loss by focusing on Wisconsin, where Biden defeated him. Absentee ballot drop boxes are not legal according to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Absentee voters can use secured containers at government buildings. An Associated Press survey of state election officials nationwide showed that the use of drop boxes did not cause any problems.

The recent state Supreme Court ruling may affect the validity of the 2020 ballot in Wisconsin.

Tim Ramthun, a candidate for governor, argued that the ballot drop boxes were null and void when they were used illegally.

Rick Hasen is the director of the Safeguarding Democracy Project. There is no mechanism in the constitution for decertifying an election after Electoral College ballots have been certified, even if the court ruling applied retroactively.

Hasen said the whole theory is ridiculous. Accepting that the use of most drop boxes was illegal in 2020 wouldn't make a difference to the validity of the votes cast through drop boxes. Drop boxes have not been used to facilitate any type of fraud.

Edward B. Foley is a law professor at The Ohio State University.

Decertification is not possible in the presidential election. impeachment is the only way to remove a president from office.

That's right.

What did Donald Trump say?

It would not have been possible for other Republicans to win in 2020 if Trump had lost.

In a telephone interview last December, Trump said that people who thought they were going to lose races won them. They said the only reason they won was because of me. I brought people in who had never been before, and they won a race that they didn't think they would win.

He targeted Robin Vos, the speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly, because he was not in favor of decertification. The court's ruling made it time to act, according to Trump.

Don't let the voters of Wisconsin down! The man wrote.

Trump personally called Vos to push for it.

Vos said that the man wanted them to do something different in Wisconsin. Under the constitution, it is not allowed. He has a different point of view.

That's right.

What do you think about all the other races?

Trump and his supporters don't want to change the results of any other races on the 2020 ballot, even if they win.

The drop boxes were used in the election. No one wants to see those results changed. Ramthun was asked why he was pushing for decertification.

He wants to see what happens with his resolution. Two other Republican candidates are not calling for decertification.

Ramthun said that the only statewide contest that year was the presidential election and that the Electoral College applies only to that race.

The Ohio State law professor was reluctant to discuss Ramthun's argument because it was so ridiculous.

He said that it was not logical or consistent. Everything on the ballot is affected by something that is wrong with a ballot in a drop box.

Time has passed and there are strict rules for how and when to challenge.

An Associated Press review of potential voter fraud in the six battleground states where Trump disagreed with his loss found just 31 cases in Wisconsin, which was 0.15% of Biden's margin of victory. A total of 24 people have been charged with election fraud related crimes.

That's right.

Other Republicans are saying something.

There are other places where prominent Republicans want decertification.

In Arizona last week, Republican Secretary of State candidate and state Rep.

The speaker of the Arizona House testified at a congressional meeting about phone calls from Trump and his supporters asking him to replace Arizona's legitimate electors. He didn't make any attempt. He asked Trump's attorneys to show evidence of fraud, but never got any.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger rejected Trump's call to find 11,780 votes that could flip the state. The speaker of the Georgia House said a week after the election that Republicans had been discussing fraud and the possibility of a "redo." I said, "Well I will tell you one race you're not going to redo, and that's my race."

Georgia's election results had been subject to three counts, an audit and at least six lawsuits that had all been dismissed.

That's right.

Cassidy is a writer for the Associated Press.