On June 20th, Microsoft-owned Mojang announced that NFTs would no longer be allowed tointegrate with the game. That was bad news for NFT Worlds, which has spent months building an entire currency on top of a collection of randomized seeds.

The team behind NFT Worlds said it will create a new game that's based on many of the core mechanics ofMinecraft, but which will be completely different from the policies of Microsoft and Mojang. NFT Worlds promises its new game will be built from the ground up to be familiar toMinecraft players, but now with the modernization and active development it has been missing for a long time.

Don't worry, everything's going to work out.

Users won't need a credit card to purchase additional content in NFT Worlds' game. The value of the NFT Worlds token has plummeted since the announcement.

For the time being, players that own an NFT world issued by NFT Worlds can still use their random seed to play in the game, even if they don't own a NFT world. Since the NFT did not give exclusive rights to that map, it is not saying much.

Under Microsoft's new rules, NFT Worlds will no longer be able to hook into a game's application programming interface. It's no longer possible for players to make in-game payments denominated in NFT Worlds' $WRLD token.

In its upcoming clone, the NFT Worlds team says that it will prioritize compatibility with existingMinecraft server development tools. The team is confident that it will work with the new NFT Worlds game whenever it is released.

Thanks to the new EULA, any further NFT Worlds-related development inMinecraft can't involve any "blockchain-basedFunctionality, NFT support, or game currency" for now. Since those were the central features that defined NFT Worlds as an add-on, it is not clear what the developers will be doing.

We quit because you can't fire us.

The split is described by NFT Worlds as a web2 vs web3 battle between two different visions of the future of the web. Microsoft is cast as a profit-obsessed monolith that will always act in the interests of their shareholders and balance sheet, to the detriment of innovation, player experience and creators, by the team.

Mojang argued last week that projects like NFT Worlds do not align with their values of creative inclusion and playing together. The company wrote that the rules it put in place barring NFTs were intended to make sure that the community remained the same.