In September, Amazon will be increasing its Prime membership prices in Europe by up to 43% a year.

The annual Prime subscription price in the UK will increase by 20% from September 15.

Customers in France will see a 43% increase from 49 euros to 69.90 euros, while subscribers in Germany will see a 30% increase.

The price in Italy and Spain will go up by 39% and 39% respectively.

It is the first Prime price increase in the UK. The monthly cost of Prime in Europe is going to be 1 euro.

One-day shipping is included in the price of an Amazon Prime subscription, as well as access to Prime Video, Prime Music, and other Amazon digital platforms and services.

The price of Prime went up to $139 in the US in February from the previous $119 annual rate.

When members join, the changes take effect. According to Amazon, the price increases are due to increased inflation and operating costs, as well as faster delivery and more content to stream in the impacted countries.

Amazon lost money for the first time in seven years. The company had a loss from its stake in Rivian automotive.