Image: Instagram

If you have noticed more Reels on your feed or less engagement on your posts, you are not the only one. The person with the most followers agrees.

The good old days of a photo sharing app were missed by the user who shared a screenshot of another user's post on her social media accounts.

The post says to make the photo sharing site again. I just want to look at cute photos of my friends. Everyone is sincerely. The same post has over one million likes on it. A petition has over 100,000 signatures.

Image: Instagram

Meta, which ownsInstagram, has been pushing Reels for months, which is a TikTok clone. The company said it downranks videos that are reposted from TikTok.

It seems that since this point, it has been quiet. More recent changes like a full-screen effect on videos seem to have hit a nerve.

The second-most followed person in the world is a soccer player by the name of CR123. A billionaire complaining about app updates is on the low end, priority-wise, of things going on in the world, but they will be just fine.

It is interesting to know if the feedback is cared for by the company. After a redesign of the app, she no longer opens it. Over the next day, the stock lost more than one billion dollars. A TikTok video announcing a test of the full-screen video feed was flooded with negative reactions when it was posted on the social media site.

A request for comment was not responded to by the social network.