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  • The parents of a 10-year-old were not told that her flight was canceled.

  • The airline didn't know she was gone when she was picked up by her family.

  • The child was told she had to pay for her own food.

A mother said her 10-year-old daughter's love of traveling has been destroyed after American Airlines canceled her connecting flight.

There was a connection at John F. Kennedy airport in New York City to the child's trip from Virginia to Boston.

The child's mother said she only learned of the cancellation when her daughter called.

She asked her to pass the phone to the gate agent so they could try to rebook the flight.

After arriving in New York at 11:30am, the child was accompanied by an agency worker until the airline could get her on the next available flight.

The child was handed over at a store at 5pm after family members drove six hours to JFK to pick her up. When the child's father called a customer service agent, American Airlines didn't know she had left the airport.

Her family was going to meet her in Boston and she had prepared her daughter for that.

Her mother said that her daughter was scared and didn't want to fly again. She has lost her love for traveling.

While her husband was "furious" that AA didn't sign off for their daughter to be collected by their family, Vargas said it was stress-racking knowing her daughter was stuck at one of America's busiest airports.

"Our family said she was very quiet that night, which is not her normal self, she is usually very chirpy and personable but barely speaks."

The child, who was flying alone for the first time, was offered a voucher for lunch but was told that she would have to pay her own way for dinner.

The airline lost a child at the airport. The child's father was found by the child's mother an hour after the plane landed.

American Airlines didn't reply to the request for comment.

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