7:35 PM ET

Five holdover cities and three new locations will be included in the XFL's local markets.

The league dropped New York, Los Angeles and Tampa Bay from its lineup.

Three teams will be in Texas. Industry sources say that the league is talking about centralizing weekday practices in the Dallas area for all teams. Local markets would be used for games.

The league confirmed that game venues for seven of its eight teams and team coaching assignments are important steps in its return to the field. The head coaches of the XFL were hired in April, but they didn't specify their teams.

They are as follows.

  • The coach is Bob Stoops.

  • WadePhillips is the coach of the stadium.

  • The stadium is named after coach Buckley.

  • The stadium is in Las Vegas.

  • Coach Hines Ward is at the Alamodome.

  • Jim Haslett is the coach of the field.

  • The dome is coached by Anthony Becht.

  • Reggie Barlow is the head coach of Washington D.C.

The Las Vegas team could potentially play at Allegiant Stadium.

The passion of the fans is what brings the XFL to life. We will co-create with our fans and build these teams from the ground up so that they represent the unique fabric of our communities in each city.

The league did not announce names or branding for the individual teams, but the owner said in a statement that they have been working on "cool, new logos and innovative uniforms that match the dynamic and innovative vision of our league."

After five weeks, the XFL's season was cut short. A group of people from RedBird Capital Partners bought it.

The league held a series of showcases around the country. Regional combines help assemble personnel evaluations in advance of roster formation.

The first game of the XFL will take place in February of 2023. The regular-season and playoffs will be broadcasted.