Yesterday, the company hit an impressive milestone when it broke its record for the number of launches achieved in a single year. Even though it's only July, the company launched its 32nd mission of the year on January 22nd.

A bunch of 46 Starlink satellites are going to be part of a constellation that is intended to provide global broadband internet access after the 32nd launch. The liftoff took place at 1:40 pm. The launch was pushed back one day from its original date.

Falcon 9 launches 46 Starlink satellites to orbit

— SpaceX (@SpaceX) July 22, 2022

The first stage booster was successfully recovered and landed on a ship in the Pacific. In the past, it was common to see boosters wobbling and falling off drones into the ocean, but now almost all of them are caught.

The number of times a booster has been used has been broken by the company before. A new record was set in March this year when a Falcon 9 booster flew on its twelfth mission. The booster that flew on a thirteen mission proved it was even harder than first thought. The goal for a single booster to fly on 10 missions had been set by the company.

The company plans to launch up to 52 flights this year and wants to keep the rapid pace of its launch. This will involve feats like launching two missions in one day, which is possible as the company is based in California and Florida.

There is another Starlink launch scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, June 24th.

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