There is a new app from the search engine company. You are not likely to be surprised. The relationship with the housemade apps that are used to access its services has always been intermittent. They like to make big changes to them, such as changing their name or killing them off with no explanation. All your cards and personal info are back in the vault with the latest update to the app.

Isn't Google Pay a thing? It already does that. It does. When the new version of the pay app was launched, it replaced the older versions of the pay app. At its IO event in May, it was announced that there would be some new features that weren't included with pay.

The differences are listed here. Credit card info and links to digital payment services can be found in the search engine's pay service. Proof of vaccinations, airline boarding passes, and transit cards can be held there. If you drive a vehicle that supports digital keys, you can have your driver's license and car keys stored in the new wallet.

When the Google Pay app on your phone is replaced by the Google Wallet app, all your payment info and other stuff will show up in the app. If you enroll in a company's loyalty program, your email will be scrubbed by the search engine. I had forgotten I had a Southwest Airlines rapid rewards number, but when I first signed up for the wallet, it immediately showed me. The data from the emails will disappear from the wallet if you deleted them.

The new features will be added as an update to the existing app. If you are in the US or Singapore, wallet and pay will be separate apps. Is it possible that it's confusing? I agree. Is it possible that it is akin to the search engine giant, GOOGLE? Quite a bit so. It is even more odd considering that the two video chat apps were mashed together by the search engine.

If you don't know what you're talking about, just use the wallet app. It can be used for purchases all over the world, it feels very much like Google Pay, and it's very easy to use.

It can be difficult to keep track of the constantly changing apps, so it is a good idea to switch from an analogue wallet to the digital one. Digital wallets offer more security than a piece of leather with a stack of credit cards.

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Is the galaxy unpacked again?

The event will be held on August 10. It's the time of the bi-annual ceremony when the updated phones and devices are revealed. There was an unpacked event in February. New phones and tablets are expected. There is a new foldable thingamajig teased in the invitation images.

70% of the foldables it has sold have been theGalaxy flip models. It's the smaller, more phone-sized device of the bunch, and since it's done so well, chances are we'll see more from SAMSUNG. WIRED will have their coverage on the day of the event, so be sure to keep an eye on that.

The care is prime-ary.

The company just keeps growing. One Medical, a company that provides health care services online and in person to subscribing patients in over a dozen US cities, has been acquired by the empire spawned of Bezos. Amazon has access to the data of almost 800,000 patients in the US. It is possible that Amazon has its hands full with One Medical. The company was accused of giving Covid vaccines to higher-ups over people who were more at risk.

The irony in Amazon investing in people's health is that the company is currently under investigation by federal prosecutors for safety violations.

Facebook's future is funky.

Facebook may have changed its name, but that hasn't stopped the controversy from sticking to the company In an effort to catch up with TikTok, Facebook has changed the way it works. The CEO of Meta is going to be deposed again over a lawsuit. The admins of more than 10,000 Facebook groups are being sued by Amazon. Whatever is happening with Facebook's vision for the metaverse

In this week's Gadget Lab, there are two people joining. The big decisions from Facebook's early days that led to the company's tumultuous transformation to Meta and what lies ahead for the platform are discussed.

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