A man on a United Airlines flight pulled out an iMac to work while sitting in his coach seat Most of the time, a United coach seat has less than 30 inches of pitch, which makes it difficult to sit in.

The passenger had an exit row seat. He wasn't being rude to his seat mate because the middle seat was empty. This isn't a computer There was seat power on the plane.

It's a little hard to get the full sense of scale in the original photo, but for comparison, this is my work laptop next to this dude's rig pic.twitter.com/ayzW6AkXim

— Todd Master (@MasterActual) July 15, 2022

A passenger made curtains from their seat last summer. I have seen power moves on a plane.

Thirty years ago, I was going to college. I was charged with carrying the team on board flights since I was a new member of the debate team. Freshmen used to have to take turns sleeping at tournaments because someone was always working. Unlike the rest of the country, we weren't going to wait until the next weekend to be prepared, even if another team surprised us with a new take on the topic.

We couldn't do anything on the plane. We didn't have laptops and there was no suitable seat power. I thought the days of lugging around a full-sized computer were over. I wasn't correct.

I booked myself onto American's first Boeing MAX 8 this morning from Miami to New York to see what it was like up close and personal, and I was pleasantly surprised. The seats are just as bad as American's current coach product. There is the power and overhead bin.

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A fight broke out on the flight and it was diverted. The passenger in front was being stopped from reclining by the knee defender. The plane from Newark to Denver was diverted to Chicago.

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30 inch pitch coach seating is the distance from seat back to seat front, and American Airlines will be retrofitting their existing planes to match so they can squeeze more seats onto the aircraft. The seats will...

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