Barcelona is a relatively easy to walk city. Each of the neighborhoods in Barcelona has its own vibe and things to do.

We have a guide to the top neighborhoods in Barcelona.

Colorful mosaics on a seat at Park Güell at sunrise in Barcelona, Spain
See some of Gaudí's designs, including Park Güell, in the Barcelona neighborhood of Gràcia © Lukasz Szwaj / Shutterstock

Best neighborhood for trendsetters: Gràcia

Grcia is one of the strongest neighborhoods in Barcelona. Grcia is considered to be the trendiest district in the city. Catalan culture is thriving despite all the organic food stores and yoga studios, as evidenced by the language and popular events that take place in the neighborhood.

The streets of Grcia are filled with several squares that are meeting points for people of all ages. Grcia is the best neighborhood for bar hopping. There are many different types of restaurants in the neighborhood. Casa Vicens and Park Gell are two examples of architecture designed by Antoni Gaud. Grcia is a good location for people who want to be close to the city center but away from the bustle.

There are many things to do in Barcelona.

Aerial view of Port Vell in Barcelona, Spain
Uncover Barcelona's industrial roots in the neighborhood of Barceloneta © Marco Rubino / Shutterstock

Best neighborhood for the beach: Barceloneta

Barceloneta is the preferred neighborhood for tourists because it is a year-round spot. Barceloneta is a working-class district that was founded in the 18th century. The neighborhood grew as the harbor grew. As you walk along the narrow lanes of the historic neighborhood, you will get a sense of the industrial past.

The area's buildings don't have the patrician facades of other parts of Barcelona, but they still have their own unique character and are home to a wide variety of bars and nightclubs. Barceloneta is a great place to stay if you like partying late night or want some Spanish sunshine on the beach. There are a lot of places for families to enjoy. You can take a stroll around Port Vell and visit L'Aqurium.

There are 11 beaches in Barcelona.

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The facade of the Gothic church of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona, Spain
The Barcelona neighborhood of El Born has an endless supply of street cafes and bars © Marco Rubino / Shutterstock

Best neighborhood for landmarks: El Born

While Grcia is Barcelona'strendiest neighborhood, El Born is home to concept stores, art studios and a distinctly international vibe. El Born is an old neighborhood in Barcelona. Some of the most important landmarks in the city include a Gothic church from the 14th century and Casa Perris, a grocery store that sells in bulk.

El Born has many fine-dining restaurants that serve Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine. You can find a lot of international fast food and bars on a budget. One of the most popular neighborhoods for accommodations is El Born, which is located between Barceloneta and the city center and is close to most city landmarks.

There are many things to do in Barcelona.

Gaudi's Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain
The famous La Sagrada Família is a highlight of Barcelona's L'Eixample neighborhood © Travelpix Ltd / Getty Images

Best neighborhood for Gaudí architecture: L'Eixample

L'Eixample is a neighborhood that was built in the 19th and 20th century as Barcelona expanded. It is popular for aerial photos due to its strict street grid pattern. Passeig de Grcia is the most elegant and exclusive avenue in Barcelona and it is located in the district of L'Eixample.

The Hospital Sant Pau is a Unesco World Heritage site and is one of the important historic sites. The L'Eixample neighborhood is well connected and has a wide range of accommodations.

It's the best time to visit Barcelona.

Best neighborhood for hustle and bustle: El Raval

The most vibrant part of Barcelona is El Raval. The Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona and the Mercat de la Boqueria are both located in this part of the Old City. The area of El Raval is very different from Barceloneta. Bar Marsella is one of the oldest continuously open bars in the city.

There is a spirit of the night in Barcelona.

Pont del Bisbe, or Bishop's Bridge, in Barri Gòtic, the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, Spain
Peek into Barcelona's past in Barri Gòtic, the city's Gothic Quarter © David Soanes Photography / Getty Images

Best neighborhood for history: Barri Gòtic

Barri Gtic is the Gothic Quarter and features the oldest buildings in the city. The majority of the buildings in this area are neo-Gothic. The Gothic Quarter is a must-visit for history buffs and first-timers. Barri Gtic is close to most tourist attractions. The Gothic Quarter is known for late-night parties so keep this in mind when looking for a place to live.

The biggest festival in Barcelona is called La Merc.

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