Barcelona is large. You always have something to do with it being large.

You can get anywhere in the city in no time with its extensive metro and bus networks. It's one of the most manageable big cities to visit in Europe due to the fact that the entire city has 200 km of bicycle lanes. The Old City of Barcelona has many attractions that are easy to reach by foot. There are many ways to get around.

There are many things to do in Barcelona.

Barcelona Metro at Placa Catalunya
The different routes for the Barcelona Metro at Placa Catalunya © Martin Hughes / Lonely Planet

Best for convenience and price: Metro

The Barcelona metro is an extensive electric railway network that runs mostly underground and connects downtown with the suburbs and several adjacent cities.

Most of Barcelona's most popular tourist destinations are well- connected by the metro. The best way to get around Barcelona is to take the metro and go to the places like Casa Batll.

It goes until 2am on Friday, Saturday and the nights before public holidays.

You can find the map here.

In Barcelona, the top neighborhoods are explored.

Barcelona metro sign
The metro stops right outside Barcelona's best sights like the Sagrada Familia cathedral  © Lucian Milasan / Shutterstock

Best for accessing the foothills of Barcelona: Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat (FGC) 

You have to take the FGC to get to the districts at the foot of the mountains.

Some of the best restaurants in town can be found in the upper-class districts of Sant Gervasi.

The FGC is a part of the Barcelona Metro network. The FGC are actually trains. The ticket price can be different depending on how far you go and the metro has one price.

Here you can find the FGC map and schedule.

Explore the beauty of Catalonia on one of the top 10 days from Barcelona.

Best for late-night transport: Bus 

When your metro line doesn't have a direct connection with a certain attraction, the hybrid city buses of Barcelona can be quicker than the metro. Barcelona Metro has limited opening hours but the city bus runs all night.

All stations have maps and detailed routes from their specific area, which makes learning the different routes difficult.

All new buses in Barcelona are electric or hydrogen-powered in a nod to the city's role in a carbon-zero future.

Metro stations only allow the purchase of tickets inside.

You can find the city bus map here.

There is a spirit of the night in Barcelona.

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Red cabin of cableway stands out on Barcelona's city backdrop
The red cabin of a funicular (cable car) standing out above Barcelona's port © arkanto / Shutterstock

Best for epic views: Funicular (cable car) 

Tibidabo is the tallest hill in the city and home to the church with the most amazing views.

It was a perfect weekend in Barcelona.

Bicycling towards the Arc de Triomf, Barcelona
Bicycling towards the Arc de Triomf, Barcelona © Littleaom / Shutterstock

Best for zipping further afield: Bicycle 

In the last few years, the city of Barcelona has put a lot of effort into making itself bike-friendly. Within the next few years, there will be more cycling lanes.

Bicing is a public rental service only for residents. Visitors can rent a bike at any of the bicycle hire shops in the city. It's easy to cycle around and explore in the city center.

Parks and gardens in Barcelona are some of the best in the world.

Tourists on La Rambla in Barcelona
While public transport is excellent, one of the best ways to see Barcelona is by foot: here tourists walk along La Rambla © KarSol / Shutterstock

Best for seeing the Old City: On foot

Strolling down the streets of Barcelona is one of the best things to do in the city.

Most tourist attractions are within one to two miles of your hotel. The Gothic area, Passeig de Grcia and Passeig del Born are all within walking distance of the city center. The attractions can keep you busy for a while.

You may want to take the metro or any other transportation to get to Parc Gell, Casa Vicens or Hospital Sant Pau.

There are 11 beaches in Barcelona.

Taxi in Barcelona
A taxis in the city's Raval district. Taxis are easy to hail all day. © Martin Hughes / Lonely Planet

Best for ease and comfort: Taxi 

Visitors who like to travel with a higher level of comfort can wave at the taxis. At night and on weekends, prices can increase. The most popular taxi apps in Barcelona are My Taxi and Hailo.

It's the best time to visit Barcelona.

Tickets and fares on public transport

Every metro and FGC station has the same travel card which can be used for all modes of public transportation. Different fares apply since the FGC go to up to 6 zones.

Visitors can choose from a number of integrated tickets if they want to get around Barcelona for less.

The individual ticket is valid for 24 hours. It's good for solo travelers who are going to take a lot of Metro rides.

There is an individual ticket worth 10 journeys. It's good for solo travelers who stay in Barcelona.

T-Familiar is a multi- person travel card. It's ideal for families and friends.

T- Usual is an individual travel card with unlimited journeys. It works well for solo travelers who stay in the city for a long time.

When changing the mode of transport within a 75-minute window, all integrated tickets have the advantage of still being valid. If you switch from metro to bus or metro to FGC, you will have to purchase an additional ticket.

Barrios that escape the crowds are the best.

Barcelona wheelchair users travelling together up a Barcelona street
Barcelona's public transport, particularly buses and the metro, has been made accessible for travelers using wheelchairs © Linguist / Shutterstock

Wheelchairs and accessible transport in Barcelona 

Out of 161 metro stations, 147 are completely accessible to wheelchair users and all of the buses have an access ramp. Universal access to the metro network is one of the goals.

The administration is trying to make the metro and bus accessible to blind people by using a voice navigation system and a metro guide in braille. Here, you can find the latest updates on accessible transportation.

Shopping by neighborhood is the best in Barcelona.

The article was first published in July of 2021.