Steph (l.) and Ayesha Curry play some games.

We enjoy our sports in America. Especially the football, basketball, and baseball teams. We love the superstars that feel like bigger than life. Editor's note: Maybe not his conspiracy theories, but there are many others.

All these players are seen as all-time greats in their sport, but they don't always come off as the most common person. Stephen Curry, the NBA player who hosted the ESPYs, is one of the superstars in the NBA. Curry is the most popular star athlete of this generation because of the way he dominates a game that rewards height.

Riley Curry celebrated his 10th birthday with his family and they were captured playing a game called connect 4 hoops. In the video, you can see how much fun the Currys are having with each other, although it sounds like they may have taken the L.

Curry looks different with his family than other pro athletes do. It looks different when he's on the court. We haven't seen a lot of small guards do things like that in the NBA.

If you don't think he's the best guard in NBA history, you're bad. His relatability comes into play at that point. He has been able to do what he has been able to do in a league where the average height is 6 feet. During the Warriors run to another title, we heard a lot about the Top 10 NBA players of all time. Curry should be left out of the discussion for a second.

If you include Kobe Bryant, he is the smallest player on the list. They were listed as tall as 6 feet. Curry is a few pounds lighter. Basketball will always cater to those with extraordinary height, no matter what the era is.

Curry appears to be taller than the average person. He is usually one of the smallest players on the basketball court. People feel they can actually mimic Curry's actions.

People thought they could be like Mike when they were younger. You realized you couldn't be like Mike on the court after watching him for a quarter. If you were Bryant or Vince Carter, you'd be out of luck. Kobe is the closest thing to Jordan and Carter is the best dunker of all time. That happens during the game. Anyone will debate me on that.

Unlike Jordan or Kobe, most humans aren't endowed with size or skill. Most people with the height don't have the talent or ability. Most of us can work on our jump shot, handles and work ethic. It doesn't mean you'll be like him, but his way feels more doable.

The last couple of years have seen a lot of kids entering the NBA. Many of them are tall to play the game, but they are playing in a different style. The people are in the parking lot. Take a 19-year-old player drafted to the NBA who was around 12 years old when Curry and the Warriors won their first title. The child went through junior high and high school wanting to be like Mike.

Curry doesn't sweats anything. He seems to let it all go off his back. You didn't see him react publicly when he talked that he wasn't the best player. He went on with his business even though he won his rings. Most of the Warriors said they were done because of injuries.

How did Curry deal with his critics? He led the Warriors back to the NBA finals in his first year, and won his fourth title. He had earned it even though he got some shit off his chest. Curry is a normal person. His aura is not the same as that of Jordan or James. They feel much larger than they are. Curry doesn't seem to take himself too seriously.