It appears that the order for the Boeing MAX 10 is still on.

Qatar Airways finalizes order for Boeing 737 MAX 10

The airline has just finalized a deal to acquire 25 planes. The largest variant of the 737 MAX family has a capacity for up to 230 passengers and a range of up to 3,300 nautical miles.

Boeing is facing some challenges with the fact that the plane hasn't been certified. If certain safety regulation exceptions aren't made the aircraft manufacturer will cancel the jet

I think the delivery of these planes won't happen before the year 2025.

Qatar Airways’ 737 MAX order is back on

Confusion about Qatar Airways’ Boeing order

The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for the acquisition of up to 102 jets was done at the end of January.

  • Up to 50 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, including 25 confirmed orders for the 737 MAX 10, and 25 options
  • Up to 50 Boeing 777X freighters, including 34 confirmed orders for the 777-8 freighter and 16 options
  • Two current generation Boeing 777 freighters

The order seemed less serious over the course of the year. The order with Boeing had expired, which was to say that the order hadn't been executed.

I am curious if there was a change of heart or if the airline just wanted to have an announcement with Boeing at the airshow.

Qatar Airways placed an order with Boeing earlier this year

The Boeing 737 MAX is better than nothing, but…

It was no coincidence that the order announcement was made at the same time as the dispute between the two airlines. The airline and aircraft manufacturer are at odds. The damage to the aircraft's fuselage is being claimed by both airlines.

There is a nasty legal battle going on between the two companies, and it has gotten to the point where one company terminated the other's contract. The airline placed an order with Boeing instead of selling these planes to them

In my opinion, the best way to make up for it would be to combine the two airlines. The A321neo line is superior when it comes to range, passenger comfort, and other things.

The upcoming A321XLR will be the longest range narrow body airliner in the world and could do amazing things for the airline. There isn't a real competitor to that.

If there can't be a resolution between the two airlines, then an order with Boeing is the best option. The average age of the narrow body fleet is 10 years. Many of the planes have new interiors.

It’s too bad Qatar Airways can’t get the A321neo

Bottom line

The airline has ordered 25 Boeing MAX 10s. It was revealed that the order had expired, but now it is back on. It is a shame that the new narrow body fleet won't be with the A321neo family of aircraft.

What do you think about the order of the plane from the airline?