Gronk reiterates that he's 'done with football' (0:50)

If Tom Brady called, Rob would still answer the phone but he wouldn't be playing football anymore. It was0:50.

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He paces the hallway just after 6:30 a.m. to study the day's script. It's not running routes or catching passes from Tom Brady, it's acting in a television commercial for USAA.

One of the crew members quietly whispers, "He's getting a little sweat on his brow" as they wait for him to deliver his lines in a makeshift dog park at Universal Studios.

Two makeup artists come in to help, while Ralphie gets a drink.

One makeup artist puts on his makeup while the other puts on a new shirt for him. The director and the player went back and forth on whether to say "dog" or "doggie."

Rob Gronkowski sits on set with his dog, Ralphie, at Universal Studios while taping a commercial for USAA on Tuesday. Photo by Jenna Laine

He said it was a lot more fancy in the industry. It's like you're a model out here, it's just grind, grind, grind.

I don't need to be in great shape. If I'm slow, I'm getting people to feed me. It's not important if I'm quick or not. It's great.

After announcing his retirement and doubling down on it two weeks ago, he now has his sights set on new endeavors, leaving behind a legacy that could land him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Even though he was criticized for being too free spirited and too much of a partier early on, he was able to cultivate projects in television and entertainment. He has appeared in television shows, such as "Entourage" and "Family Guy", as well as at mega parties, such as "Gronk Beach" at the Super Bowl in Miami. His personality will give him many more chances.

Gronk is embracing the next stage in life.

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USAA's director of video production said thatGronk knows his brand. I believe Gronk knows who he is. He knows how to deliver that. I believe that people are attracted to that.

Every couple of months, he gets a few requests from companies that want to represent him.

The man is good at what he does. Even in the hot sun, we are working with babies and dogs, and there are challenges in those. The spirits are lifted by him.

As he continues his work in commercials, he will also appear in the "80 for Brady" film, as well as with his former teammates. The USA Today High School Sports Awards will be hosted by him.

He wants to join his father's fitness equipment company and take a more active role in his brother's company.

He said that he was not retired. The game of football is where it comes from. It's not from the real world. People die when they retire.

According to reports this week, Gronk's girlfriend and agent both said that the tight end could come back.

What if the team makes a run for the title? If Brady calls, what will happen?

Those questions were answered by the player Monday.

I will respond to the call. It is the greatest phone call I have ever received. On and off the field, we have a good relationship. They are friends. I wouldn't want to play football again. I'm good to go. I'm enjoying what I'm doing, and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do next.

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Brady has pledged at least one more year.

I decided to stop. It was the right time. It just felt right for me, it was my fourth Super Bowl ring and it was the last one I would ever have.

He leaves healthy and on his own terms. That is no small feat for a man who broke down in tears when he couldn't get out of bed because of a thigh injury, or who was forced to do so.

Even though he has had nine surgeries and a handful of documented concussions, he came of retirement in 2020 to team up with Brady.

I'm happy. I'm feeling great. It's good to feel good, because I've had a torn knee, a torn MCL, and a concussion in the same game.

I left everything I had when I played football. If I wasn't feeling my best at the game or practice, I would still give everything I had. It's not like I'm wishing I'd done that. This should have been done by me. There are things that you would change. That has been learned. You learn in that way. It will be changed for the next time.

I definitely think I'm done. I feel accomplished with my career and it went much better than I thought.

retirement can be scary for many professional athletes From having every aspect of your life mapped out to an open schedule, you go. After you achieve worldwide recognition, you wonder what's next.

You know, if you've been playing sports since you were 2 years old, that's all you know. It gave you a full ride into college and got you into the pros, and then you don't know what to do, because athletics have gotten you that far. It's important that you have that in your life.

It can be frightening. I'm prepared and I'm not scared of it. There are a lot of opportunities. I would like to enter the business world.

He credits his brothers for helping him transition into the business world after keeping active and getting involved with many projects in the off season. He made over 70 million dollars from the NFL but barely touched it.

He said that they brought their work ethic from the football field to the next chapter of life. If you want to be successful in the future, you have to be willing to work hard. You have to be all in and you have to grind.