In response to a subpoena, the Secret Service only sent one text message to the House committee.

Last week, a government watchdog told the committee that a trove of Secret Service texts had been erased.

Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesman for the Secret Service, told The New York Times that the records were likely not to be recovered. According to the Washington Post, the agency is ready to say it has nothing new to offer.

Lofgren told MSNBC that the committee had only received one text message from the Secret Service.

They didn't give any indication in their letter that they have secured the phones. Lofgren said that they wanted to know that.

This doesn't appear to be good. We need to get to the bottom of this and get more information than we have right now.

The Secret Service didn't reply immediately.

The investigators wanted to know more about Donald Trump's activities on the day of the riot in order to protect him.

As an executive branch agency, the agency must preserve records from around that time.

The texts were deleted as part of a planned agency-wide reset of phones and replacement of devices, which took place 11 days after Congress requested they preserve their communications, according to The Guardian.

According to The Guardian, agents were told to back up their data to an internal drive two days before the reset, but they didn't listen.

The agency submitted a lot of new documents, but did not include the text messages that the panel was looking for, according to Rep. Murphy.

She said that the process was to leave it to the agents to decide if there was anything worth saving. They didn't get any texts from their agents when they made that transition.

The texts were deleted by the Secret Service with no malice.

Anthony Guglielmi told The Hill on Monday that the Secret Service don't communicate via text message due to security concerns.

We don't have reason to say the texts were lost. I don't know how you know those people are texting. They uploaded their records after they were told to. All of the data that we have will be communicated to the committee. People say they lost text messages. He asked how you knew texts were sent.