Image showing a phone running Google Wallet, displaying a payment card and airline tickets.
Return of the Wallet
Image: Google

People are starting to see the app on their phones. It will be available to all users over the next few days according to Chaiti Sen.

At its I/O event at the end of the year, it was announced that it was an app to manage all your digital cards, not just for payment, but also for digital representations of your identification, vaccinations, tickets, keys, and more.

The current Google Pay app will be replaced by the new Wallet app. Users in the US and Singapore will be able to use both payment methods. Pay is used to send money to friends in those countries.

Google’s rollout information for Wallet from I/O.
Image: Google

The one that is rolling out today was one of the earlier versions of Wallet. Peer-to-peer money transfers and other payment features were included in the app when it was first released. It was formed by combining it with Android Pay to form a new payment method. In most places, the app is turning into a wallet. It's another big change in a long line of shake-ups for the payment apps and hopefully it will make it easier to store digital cards and pay with your phone.