According to the CDC's website, the Covid-19 Program has been scrapped.

The program is no longer in effect according to the CDC cruise ship guidance page. The CDC said that cruise ships have access to guidance and tools.

There will be new guidance for cruise ships to mitigate and manage Covid-19 transmission in the coming days.

Along with the end of the Covid-19 Program for Cruise Ships, the CDC has retired its color coding system.

The CDC said that the color-coding system depended on each cruise line having the same Covid-19 screening standards. The cruise ship color status webpage is no longer active. CDC will continue to give testing recommendations for cruise ship operators to follow, and cruise ships will continue to report Covid-19 cases to the CDC.

Cruise travelers can contact their cruise line directly if there is an outbreak on their ship.

After months of rolling back regulations, the CDC decided to eliminate the Covid program for cruise ships.

CLIA applauds

The decision to sunset the program was applauded by CLIA and they are looking forward to reviewing the guidelines the CDC will post online.

The CDC has established guidelines for other travel and entertainment sectors, and this is an important step forward. The effectiveness of the industry's protocols is demonstrated by the sunsetting of the CDC program.