An exterior view of the entrance to the London Luton Airport...
Temperatures are predicted to reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Photo by Dinendra Haria/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Some of the infrastructure in the United Kingdom has been unable to cope with the extreme heat. The airport suspended departures and arrivals on Monday after the heat caused a small section of the runway to lift up. At least a few flights had to be diverted or canceled as a result of the shutdown, according to the BBC.

There are other airports that are experiencing heat related issues. The Royal Air Force couldn't use BrizeNorton due to the heat. According to the UK's Met Office, the temperature in London on Monday will be 39 degrees Celsius, or around 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and on Tuesday it will be a degree higher.

There are other forms of transportation that are being affected. The country's residents have been warned by Network Rail to only travel by train if it's necessary. The company said that engineers in Scotland had to install equipment to make sure that the electrical lines that power trains didn't get overheated and that a signaling issue in Brockenhurst was caused by the hot temperatures.

These types of incidents are likely to happen more often. Experts say that the UK will have to adapt for a future where this kind of heatwave is more common than it is now because the runways in BrizeNorton melted last year. Climate change has caused more deaths of heat-related causes in cities and countries around the world in the last few years, as well as super-charged storms that put more people in danger, and infrastructure that buckled under the heat.


The UK’s blistering heatwave is just the beginning

There was a previous version of the article that said London Luton Airport is in London. The location is actually in Luton. We apologize for the mistake.