Recently, I was invited to attend the finale of the 2019 Longines Global Champions Tour (LGCT).

The event, which took place on Governors Island on September 28, was the equestrian event's debut in New York. The LGCT is a globe-spanning competition, gathering the most accomplished riders and horses from around the world. This year, they competed at 19 events in cities around the world before finally ending the competition in New York City.

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The likes of Michael Bloomberg and Bruce Springsteen were also rumored to be at the event - though I didn't see them myself, other reporters in attendance told me they'd seen the two. Bloomberg and Springsteen each have a daughter who is a professional equestrian. Georgina Bloomberg and Jessica Springsteen both competed, as did the former's team, New York Empire.

Here's a look at what the VIP experience was like at this equestrian event.


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