Brian Kelly: 'I don't feel like we're being outbid by anybody' with NIL (1:01)

Brian Kelly thinks that LSU is in a good place with the NIL. There is a time and a place for this.

3:01 PM ET

In his opening news conference at SEC media days, first-year LSU head coach Brian Kelly said that LSU is as competitive as anyone else.

Kelly doesn't think we're being outbid by anyone. I don't believe that's the location of NIL. We will be outbid if we have $50 million in our collective.

The timing was right for Kelly to leave Notre Dame after 11 years and join LSU.

He said that the president, President Tate, and the athletic director, Scott Woodward, had a rich history with LSU football. It was then that I was given the chance to restore championship-quality football to LSU.

As to why he fits in at LSU, Kelly mentioned his 32 years of coaching experience and his ability to run a program at the highest level.

Wherever he's been, he's had success at Notre Dame, Cincinnati, and Central Michigan. I think running a program is the most important thing. I don't believe it's necessary to be geographical.

Kelly, who went viral in January after seeming to have a Southern drawl when addressing an LSU basketball crowd, was also asked about his favorite food and mentioned his viral moment.

He now has a Boston, Midwestern, Louisiana accent. Three dialects are combined into one. I have a lot of stuff to throw at you. It's probably the Crawfish Etouffée. I'm not sure how you top that.

The grilled oysters are something I would say as well. It is possible to have grilled oysters if you haven't done so before. That will cause your cholesterol level to go up fast.

The LSU and Florida State football teams will play in New Orleans.