The lady is called Lady Dimitrescu.


Resident Evil has gotten off to a great start on the streaming service, and is currently the #1 show in 50 countries. It seems that the show could perform well enough for a second season.

Does the show have a plan?

The first season of Resident Evil ended with about five different open-ended cliffhangers, and the show's creator has big dreams for many, many more seasons where he wants to encompass all aspects of the show. Andrew Dabb spoke to Polygon.

Everything will be brought in over the course of the series. I want Lady D, I want the plant monster, I want everything. I want everything, but I want it in moderation.

Before that, two characters seem like they may be more immediate in joining the cast.

How do people change? There are some characters that we haven't seen in a while, such as the ones mentioned above. What do they think about all this happening today?

One of the biggest complaints of Resident Evil fans is that the first season of the show doesn't follow any game at all, and the game characters like Albert Wesker are not included.


Racoon City is welcome.


I am confused as to whether or not the Resident Evil show is canon with the recent Resident Evil movie, Welcome to Raccoon City, since the events are referenced frequently and the characters we haven't seen in a while. I can't tell if Dabb had anything to do with that movie, but it had a completely different Wesker played by Tom Hopper. It is a bit confused.

Dabb was a long-term writer on Supernatural, so he knows all about shows that last multiple seasons. I wonder if it's realistic to expect a series to give you 4-5 seasons when it's kind of being panned by both critics and audiences.

Adding a live-action Lady Dimitrescu to the cast would be a Herculean task, and I would like to see how this Resident Evil series handles it. The altered version of Wesker played by Lance Reddick was one of the better parts of the show. I don't understand what Dabb was doing by changing so much and not adapting any actual game, but I would like to see what he does with a second season.

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