Anything can be found on the internet.

A 1986 World Wrestling Entertainment match featuring star wrestler Bret Hart has been found on the internet. There was a time when the pro wrestling giant was called WWF and the world was a hive of activity.

The wrestling match, which took 10 minutes and 10 seconds, was uploaded on Saturday. This match has never before been available at full length.

Why is Bret Hart vs. Tom Magee a big deal?

Hart takes on an up-and-comer in October 1986 at the Rochester War Memorial Arena. It was thought that the match never aired because it was taped for television. The full bout with Arabic commentary is believed to have aired in one market in the 80s.

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The fact that the match could not be located in the vault of the World Wrestling Entertainment made the event even more noteworthy. The match became a legend in the city.

The long lost tape was found by Mary-Kate Anthony. She helped Hart convert his personal collection of matches on VHS to digital but he didn't want the physical copies back. There was a match in that collection.

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The discovery was such a big deal in the wrestling community that the World Wrestling Entertainment reached out to Anthony in order to get the match. Holy Grail: The Search for WWE's Most Infamous Lost Match, a documentary about the once- lost match, is available on the WWE Network. There is a better quality recording of the Hart vs. Magee match in the documentary.

The match gained a lot of attention because of it's history. At the time, Magee was an all-star athlete, competing in powerlifting and strongman contests, and had a body that looked good for pro wrestling. He was new to wrestling. To see if it was possible to take on a veteran in the form of Bret Hart.

The match shows why Hart would go on to be known as "the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be". Hart helps carry the rookies throughout the 10 minute bout and makes them look like superstars. Vince McMahon yelled "that's my next champion!" when watching Magee take on Hart from the backstage area. The fight was called the "holy grail miracle match" by Bixenspan.

The 90s wrestling boom known as the "Attitude Era" was sparked by Hart's success. Without a talent such as Bret Hart to put him over in his matches, he would quietly fade out of the wrestling industry.

Recently, the internet has been good at finding lost content. For the first time, an episode of Sesame Street was uploaded to the internet. Parents complained that the episode was too scary for their children. Margaret Hamilton reprised her role as the wicked witch of the west in the movie.

Whether it's an old wrestling match, a weird kids' TV show, or some other pop culture artifact, you can ask the internet to find it, and it may miraculously surface.