The Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage was wrongly decided, according to Sen.Ted Cruz.

During an interview with Liz Wheeler, the Republican senator made a comment. He uploaded a video of the exchange to his website.

Two centuries of our nation's history was ignored by obergefell. If Obergefell came before the Supreme Court again, Cruz said marriage was left to the states.

Some states had legalized same-sex marriage before Obergefell was decided. Without the ruling, that process would continue.

The decision was wrong when it was made. He doesn't know if the Supreme Court will reverse it.

Cruz said that he agreed with the justices who said that the reversal of the abortion law was unique.

—Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) July 16, 2022

Same-sex marriage and the right to contraception are two of the rights that the Supreme Court reversed.