Porsche Tests Selling Its Cars Online

Porsche is beginning to challenge the traditional car dealership business model by testing out car sales online in the US and Germany. According to , the automaker is giving potential Porsche owners the opportunity to purchase a variety of new and used cars from a pool of 25 of its independently owned dealers.

Arguably the most rewarding part of Porsche's online purchase process is that most of the documents attached to the sale can be completed online, so the physical dealership only needs to be visited in real life for final signatures and to drive the purchased car home. Porsche has already confirmed it will have a larger rollout of the new feature if it proves successful.

Porsche has been trying to pitch its first all-electric vehicle, the Taycan, as an alternative to Tesla's vehicles, so developing a more progressive sales strategy was bound to happen for the automakers. However, while Porsche's online sale test feels similar to Tesla's core business model, notes that Porsche is not offering custom-orders and delivery service like Tesla does. Tesla is completely independent from the traditional dealership model, but for now, Porsche will still need to rely on physical storefronts to make its online sales viable.

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