Flight attendants have had a hard time in the last couple of years.

Some flight attendants feel they are not being paid enough due to current staffing shortages and flight delays.

Sara Nelson is the international president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA union.

Airlines have canceled thousands of flights this summer as they cut back schedules and try to avoid long wait times.

Nelson said that flight attendant pay is not easy to understand. Flight attendants are paid based on how long they stay in the air. Flight attendants have pay protections, so they don't miss out when a flight is canceled, but it might mean that they're away for longer for the same amount of pay.

Flight attendants have had to deal with an increase in unruly passengers who resisted the federal mask mandates that were in place until April of this year.

Adding work flight attendants have had to contend with since the Pandemic is one of the reasons airlines are giving them bonuses.

One Delta flight attendant told Insider that the worst part of their job was being paid during the boarding process.

Flight attendants and pilots at United and other airlines are getting temporary pay raises.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for flight attendants in the US is $62,280, but it can vary depending on the airline and the flight attendant's level of experience.

Flight attendants have reported their salaries on job-listing sites to help prospective applicants understand their compensation. The average salary of all flight attendants was reported to the websites.

According to data on Glassdoor and PayScale, flight attendants make a lot of money at 10 major airlines.