Skewers are not something I like to make. It's difficult to get each and every piece of meat onto the skewer. I can't stand tedious tasks but I don't mind mise.

I don't make kebabs or skewers if I'm cooking for two. I would prefer to cook the meat and veggies separately. Skewers are perfect for a cookout or family meal, even if they take a bit of preparation. Everyone gets to taste a bit of everything in the pre-portioned individual serving.

If you don't have a grill, or want to make things as easy as possible, you can use the air fryer. You need to know what to look for.


  • So long as it's at least one-inch thick.

  • One onion.

  • One pepper.

  • There is one green pepper.

  • One jalapeo.

  • There is smoked pepper, garlic powder, and salt.


  1. The steak needs to be cut into cubes. Your skewers might cook quicker if your steak is not quite an inch thick.

  2. Take the onions, peppers, and jalapeo and make a big mess. They should be large enough to poke with a skewer. It's a good guide if it's one inch by one inch.

  3. Place the steak and veggies in a large bowl. Then season everything with seasonings.

  4. If you want to make skewers for people who don't eat meat, carefully poke through the vegetables and meat. I like to make patterns. Steak, onion, green pepper, yellow pepper, jalapeo, meat, onion, and so on. You get a uniform amount of each item when you eat kebabs.

  5. If you prefer, you can air fry the steak for seven minutes. It was past medium for mine.

The details

kebabs are fun because you can make any you want I'm pretty sure you could add anything you want to this base recipe. I decided to go for steak and peppers because I thought the cook times would work out well. There are few things worse than over cooking a steak. If you have a meat thermometer, you should be able to see the kebabs carefully.

It's important to choose a cut of steak that's available. I used a New York strip for my kebabs because it looked good. ribeye is really good. Flank is probably the best way to go. Any cut will make a difference. If you don't overcook the pre-cut cubes, they'll do well.

If you have the time and energy, I think this recipe is a good one to use. The kebab air frying process would be aided by marinades. A personal favorite is a mix of soy sauce, canned pineapple, garlic, and onion. I think that would help keep the meat moist and make it taste better when it's cooked in the air. You can use any marinade you want.

The process is fairly easy. Drop it in, load it up, and have fun. The skewers turned out this way.

kebabs on a wooden cutting board

Steak, onions, and peppers. What could be bad? Credit: Mashable

Is it a decision? It was very good. The vegetables may be the best part. Roast vegetables are the best thing to do with an air fryer. The steak is good, but it would be better with a grill or a hot pan. I think aMarinate would be a nice choice but I wanted to keep it simple for the recipe. Should you decide, it's a base to build off of. This recipe is easy to make. It's the easiest way to make kebabs.

I think these skewers are a great option for people who don't want to cook with a hot pan, or for people who don't want to cook with a fire. kebabs are a lovely addition to a cookout